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I alredy read "Can I recover a deleted message in Hangouts?" and saw the solutions in reply section which is Amelius answered in Dec 21, 2015.

But I can't find my chats on Gmail chats folder. It's already deleted a few days ago(and i deleted it for good). And the other party also deleted the chats. And I didn't archived the chats....

Then... is it impossible to recover the hangout chats ?

And I wonder that are there any phone number of hangout help center(?) ? I really want to counsel about this thing ... 

Thank you for reading this ! 

Hope you have a good day ;)

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Hey there,

If you tried all the options in that other post, there is no other way to recover chats.  If they have been deleted, and the other party doesnt have a backup, unfortunately the messages are gone.

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