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I have an unending fear of texting something to my parents that I meant to text to my wife. Would be nice if I could color her conversation something unique.

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Hey there - thats a cool idea!

Check this out - https://hangoutshelp.net/1/how-can-i-leave-feedback-for-google-hangouts and be sure to leave feedback as a feature request!

This feedback goes right to the developers!

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Re: Report a scam in Hangouts
Posted on Wednesday January 16, 2019

THERE IS A SCAMMER NAME [email protected] is useing my hangouts and gmail I want this hangouts taken down which is in my name he use's for scamming along with other names [email protected]

Report a scam in Hangouts
Posted on Wednesday January 16, 2019

@penelope thank you, the only information I gave was my mail and country, I didn’t tell him area of country or any of my passwords or other account details . I’m thinking the threats are to do with him thinking if he posts the pics and my friends and family see them that is how he is going to

Hangouts Telephone Calls In/Out Not Working with Dual SIM Phone (iPhone XS/Max)
Posted on Wednesday January 16, 2019

I have noticed that on my Dual-SIM iPhone XS Max, that I cannot place or answer calls while Dual-SIM is enabled. If I turn-off one of the lines, it then works. Also, I have no issues while dual-SIM is on, if I have Wi-Fi on. So i'm guessing that it has something to do with the detection process

Re: Report a scam in Hangouts
Posted on Wednesday January 16, 2019

@Susan, You can not delete Hangouts. @scared to post name, no one can gain more information than what you have told them unless they have access to your account (ie they know the password as well). Google does not give out information that is not public on aboutme.google.com (and information

Google Hangouts won't send messages, across all platforms.
Posted on Wednesday January 16, 2019

Recently "upgraded" to a Pixel3. My hangouts messaging lost functionality across all platforms. I've seen other posts with the same issue and no working solution.

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