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How can I clear the data and cache for Hangouts on Android?

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Hey there,

I would try to clear the app's cache.  Go to your phones settings --> apps --> locate Hangouts --> clear cache/data.  Then try and relaunch the app as normal.

(please note, this process listed might differ slightly on each phone - you want to go into your phones main Android settings and look for Apps - from there, locate Hangouts and then get to the storage or data portion to clear data/cache)

If that's a no-go, I would uninstall the app completely from the Play Store, restart the phone entirely, then reinstall the app and try to open at that point.

Report back if you have no luck!

Suggestions fo let how to do this on an iPhone (I know, I know)? I don't see those cache options in settings on iOS.
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unfortunately on iOS your only option is to uninstall and reinstall the app

what kind of issues are you having?
Still having issues with opening hangouts to reinstall app to my phone
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Hey there - what happens when you try?
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I had the same issue.  I had to go to settings, applications, application manager.  I disabled Hangouts for 30 seconds and enabled it again.  I tapped the Hangouts app and was prompted to allow or deny permission and I chose 'Allow.'  Then it took me through the normal setup options and lastly prompted me to update the app, which I did.  It's now up and running normally again. Hope this helps!  :)