How to delete picture from hangout

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asked Jul 22, 2016 in Hangouts Android App by KD
I have a long hangouts conversation with my husband and don't want to delete the whole thing, but he recently sent me a picture of a document with sensitive information on it and I want to delete just that picture. How can I delete just one message or picture from a hangouts conversation?

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answered Jul 25, 2016 by ameilius (10,640 points)
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Hey there,

At this time, the ability to delete single messages out of a conversation is not possible

As long as the Google Account is secure, you should have no issues with privacy
commented Oct 28, 2016 by Rachel
You really need to add this feature please.
commented Oct 28, 2016 by ameilius (10,640 points)

Be sure to leave feedback to the Hangouts team - here -

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