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I am having issues with Hangouts for Chrome.

The windows are appearing weird - I cant open unread messages - Things just dont seem right

Is there a way I can just start fresh?

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Hey there,

1. Go ahead and head over to your extensions page - chrome://extensions/ (paste this into your browser address bar and hit enter) - and completely remove Hangouts.
2. Close Chrome
3. Restart Chrome
4. Head over to http://hangouts.google.com and click on the left hand side for the menu.  Select the Chrome icon and re-install Hangouts fresh to see if this solves the issue,  (You can download the App from the left-hand menu if you don't wish to use the web client!)

It's very important to do ALL steps, even if they seem redundant ;)

Hope this helps!

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Nailed it! This solved the same issue i was having.
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great to hear!
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Thanks for the solution but it doesn't fix/address my personal problem. I'm not using/haven't downloaded the Hangouts extension. I'm using the feature in my Gmail inbox. For kicks, I installed the Hangouts extension but it hasn't changed anything on Gmail.
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What is your personal problem?
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I followed your the instructions, removed hangouts from my extensions. When I click on the link there isn't an option to download, it just opens Hangouts for me under my name. The left pane menu does not give an option to download it.  So I am confused.
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Yolanda - when  you go to https://hangouts.google.com - on the upper left-hand side, you should see the 3 dashes, this opens up the menu.  From inside the menu you can download the app/extension!

Let me know if you get stuck!
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Did not fix the problem
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so where are you currently in the process?  Whats the issue at hand?

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