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Would Google be interested in developing 'Hangouts' so it also can be used on  Smart TVs?

I am a very disappointed Skype user; I bought a Samsung Smart TV with Camera especially so we could make video calls with family overseas using Skype as advertised by Samsung.  Having Skype available on a smart TV enabled the family to gather around the sofa in the lounge room for all to be involved in the conversation at the same time.  We used Skype to talk with family overseas.  This is simply not the same or even possible when using Skype on a smartphone or tablet.  Now Microsoft has discontinued Skype support for (Samsung) Smart TVs and the app is no longer available (withdrawn by Samsung).

There are many disappointed Smart TV Skype users as you can read on this forum:  http://community.skype.com/t5/Skype-on-your-TV/Skype-on-Samsung-Smart-TV-Discontinued-2-June-2016/td-p/4320126/   There has been no further response from Microsoft regarding withdrawing Skype from Smart TVs although there are many disappointed users.

Since video calling is now no longer available for Smart TVs there is a need for a new app to fulfil this missing Smart TV function.  Would Google be interested in bringing video calling back to Smart TVs by developing 'Hangouts' so it also can be used on Smart TVs?

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Re: Google Hangouts being used by scammers
Posted on Tuesday April 02, 2019

how do i know its a scammer please help and how do i delete my picture s i sent on hangout

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Saqib: I hate to ask you this, but could you re-post your question and outline the troubleshooting you have tried in the new Hangouts forum: support.google.com/hangouts/community Mention me and that you had a tread in the old forum. This forum will be closing soon and I want to be sure your

Re: Report a scam in Hangouts
Posted on Monday April 01, 2019

Lucas Peterson! is another scammer! Says he is an oil rig engineer! Booted off facebook & now on hangout! He is very smooth with his words & says he is widowed & has a 18 year old daughter in boarding school! Says he is from San Hose California! Be very cautious! I smelled a rat asap! Blocked

Re: My hangouts accounts suspended
Posted on Monday April 01, 2019

My Google hangouts also got suspended for no reasons,i didn't broke any guidelines or any terms of services,i was just only chat with a friend and + i didn't recieved any appeal emails,can i please have the access of my hangouts back,i need to use it urgently Thank you Marko Narancic

Re: Report a scam in Hangouts
Posted on Monday April 01, 2019

I think I caught myself a scammer too. Got in contact with me on Facebook by commenting on one of my posts, then moved the exchange to Hangouts. I got suspicious when she proposed to exchange photos and played along. The supposed name is Jessica Harry ([email protected]) from Little Rock,

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