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asked in Hangouts General by Mike G
Last week my photographer friends and I were sharing LightRoom and PhotoShop and we made sure that the presenter choose "present to everyone" so that our screens would not jump around to whoever happens to be talking.

But in this morning's weekly session we could not find the "present to everyone" option.  

At first we found the "Original version" option and that got us back to a place we were familiar with.

Then I discovered that by clicking on the image of the person presenting PhotoShop my screen would lock onto that presenter and although I could hear others ask questions or make comments my screen stayed on the presenter's PhotoShop.  

Is there a new version of Hangouts in the last week?  

Is this a new feature; moving the control of who the presenter is from the presenter to the consumers?

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Hey there, thanks for coming by!

You can check out this Support Forum thread on the same issue: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/hangouts/yt2vST6XL14;context-place=topicsearchin/hangouts/how$20to$20switch$20from$20presenter$20

Hope this helps!

commented by anonymous

The link sort of makes sense - but the thread is specifically Hangouts On Air.  Does the same apply to regular old hangouts?  

I have seen a white box when I click on a participant, not a blue box.  And in the new version is seems to be the participant and not the presenter that controls "auto switching by voice".  

I've got another weekly session coming up Friday.  We'll see how that goes.  

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Ok - keep us posted!
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answered by Mike G
Yup - there is a new version of Hangouts in June 2016 (regular - not on air) and it is up to each user to decide if they want to put their screen focus on the presenter by clicking on the presenter's thumbnail and that puts a white border around it and the screen stops jumping to whoever is talking and stays on what the presenter is presenting.

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