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Google blocked someone with the password for from signing in to the account

Login failedGoogle will nothing do and impossible get our google accounts back please understand they lost their customers like google axe themselves on their legs so google is vey bad company I am also frustrated my feedback they don't want people love accounts and they say only one thing account is lost if any human make mistake then you solved them problem why you make people fool you just delete them their google accountsAfter I enter my password then it is giving me two options. 1 is to enter the 8 digits backup codes 0 Replies

After I enter my password then it is giving me two options. 1 is to enter the 8 digits backup codes and 2. Get help

In the get help option recover options is displayed in which I had to enter my phone number that I used to create the account and then an email id so that google can contact me. That's it, any other information has not been asked by google like date of birth or when did I created this accountI don't know my backup codes 21 Replies

Recently I reset my phone and after that I tried to sign in as usual but after entering my email id and password I was asked to enter 8 digit back up code

I don't know my backup codes and I'm not able to recover my old account. What should I have to do ?

I tried to recover my account through recovery option but after sending an email to google they reply after 2-3 days that the account doesn't belongs to me

Your Google Account Recovery Request


Thank you for filling out our account recovery form. We know that losing access to your account can be frustrating. We want to help!

At Google, we take your privacy and security very seriously. We're committed to returning accounts only when we're sure that we're giving them back to their owners. Unfortunately, based on the information you provided, we were unable to verify that you own [email protected]. To ensure that we're not compromising the security of this account, we can't yet return it to you.

Can you provide additional information to verify that you own this account?

If so, please visit our account recovery form and submit another request, sharing as much accurate information as possible. (If you're unsure about specific dates, that's okay; give your best guess.)

If not, and if you'd like to create a new account, please visit our New Accounts page.

Because Google doesn't ask for much personal information when you sign up for an account, we don't have many ways to verify that you own an account. To confirm that you're the real owner, we need specific details during the recovery process. We can't accept identification documents as a proof of ownership because we don't consider that a secure method. If you'd like more information on these policies, please see "Recovering your account" on our Help Center.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!



The Google Accounts Team

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Did you get it figured out?