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I think my hangout was hacked by someone. Because the message i didn't write was sent to my friend. 

So i wanted to see the IP addreess of it, and then I checked my activity of this accout. But I find some missing part of it ; the IP contents of the day the 'hacker' log in to my accounts(Jul.15.2018) was disappeared. 

Is it possible to delete the ip address?

And I want to get the IP details, How can I help myself? 

I went to police station also, but they say the IP address is needed. 

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Hey there,

You cant really gather IP address' from Hangouts, but through GMail you can view all your activity and get IP's that way - 

The last ten IP addresses can be seen if you click on "Details" at the bottom of https://mail.google.com/ in your pc.  (after you sign in, of course).

You must not have any emails open to see that link at the bottom of your page, depending on the view you have set up in Gmail.
 If you need more than the last ten, you have to serve a valid court order on Google at your expense, and even then there is no guarantee that any further information would be available.
Note that IP addresses are not the be all, and end all.
Can easily be spoofed/forged and do not show an actual location in many cases.  https://www.whatismyip.com/ip-address-geolocation-incorrect/ explains some of this.
If you feel that your account was hacked, read http://gmailaccountrecovery.blogspot.co.uk/#security.  Go to "When you reclaim Your Account" and change any settings the hacker has done over.

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