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Maybe this is not a proper question to ask in this forum, sorry if it isn't.

When I look at my Google My Activity page, I see couple of "Used Hangouts" titles. I am not sure if they mean that I open the gmail and click on the Hangouts symbol, or I opened it through Hangouts app, or I actually used it, for example blocked somebody or texted somebody. Activity details say that I used my Android phone, but I don't know if I used the app or not.
I wonder particularly if one can definitely know that the app Hangouts is used or a text has been send.
Basically, what can we extract from this information that we have is what I am asking.
Thanks in advance!

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That probably means 'used in any way' - whether it be through GMail or mobile etc

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@google or anyone can help please?

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This is happenig to me now! Mark and Mike have contacted me

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Hi, Try checking your Calendar setting: 1. Open Google Calendar. 2. In the top right corner, click Settings [image: Settings] [image: and then] Settings. 3. Next to "Automatically add video calls to events I create," select No. 4. At the bottom of

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Hi Ben, Sounds like you may be having two different issues so one about Gmail and another about Hangouts? For your first on incoming emails, have you checked your storage amounts recently? https://support.google.com/drive/answer/6374270 Check that to ensure you have enough storage in your

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Its says.... Something's not right. We're having trouble connecting to Google. We'll keep trying... This may be caused by network or proxy issues. Learn more. Please try accessing Hangouts directly. Errors: 301

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