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Maybe this is not a proper question to ask in this forum, sorry if it isn't.

When I look at my Google My Activity page, I see couple of "Used Hangouts" titles. I am not sure if they mean that I open the gmail and click on the Hangouts symbol, or I opened it through Hangouts app, or I actually used it, for example blocked somebody or texted somebody. Activity details say that I used my Android phone, but I don't know if I used the app or not.
I wonder particularly if one can definitely know that the app Hangouts is used or a text has been send.
Basically, what can we extract from this information that we have is what I am asking.
Thanks in advance!

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That probably means 'used in any way' - whether it be through GMail or mobile etc

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same issue

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The Calendar has Hangouts because the event is created using either a personal account, or a G Suite account that has not transitioned to use Chat and Meet, or possibly via a 3rd party Calendar app that has permissions to add events to your G Suite calendar. You are prompted to install

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Hi Glad you got it sorted out. I suggest you not use 3rd party clients, based on the old Hangouts API, for Hangouts Classic or Hangouts Chat. They will have limited functionality, as you discovered. Hopefully a new API will once again be made available at some point in the future. There is an

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Hi Lourdes, Sounds like you want to take off the Hangouts box on the left hand side of Gmail? If so, go to https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/chat then click on "chat off" then click on "Save changes." As for accessing your contacts, are you saying that there is no way to see your

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Hi Gary, Hangouts allows you to connect with other people if you know their email address, phone number, or utilize the hangouts icon inside of their Google+ profile. Also, for the other person to join they need to be able to have a Google Account (since all consumer personal Google Accounts

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