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I have Windows 7. I can see my friend on Hangouts (gmail) but my friend can't see me. We have both rebooted our computers but my friend still can't see me. My video picture is a blue shadow, no picture. Camera on my computer is supposedly working. I also have gmail hangouts on my galaxy j7 phone. I want to uninstall-reinstall Hangouts. How do I do this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also I do not see any Google plug-ins in my program list.

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You mean that he/she cannot see that you are online?

Can  you see your friend?

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Mine will send if i switch to my business google+..

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I was also able to get the system working temporarily by unplugging the cables from the device on startup as described above, (although I needed to wait a little longer than 30 seconds for the full bootup process to complete). I have also contacted support and in their reply they requested I

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