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I use google voice and hangouts (connected to each other) on both my Chromebook and android phone.  Is there a way to avoid getting an email to my gmail account every time someone sends me an SMS.  I don't mind the pop-up window on my computer, but it seems redundant that a window pops up in gmail, the SMS is sent to my android hangouts app, AND I get an email in my gmail (and alerted that way).  Again, I don't mind the pop-up window.  I don't even mind the transcription of a missed voicemail through google voice emailed to me.  But the email every time someone sends me an SMS is driving me bonkers and has me avoiding texting anyone.  Thanks for any help.

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Hey there,

If you are using Google Voice integration with Hangouts check here: https://www.google.com/voice?pli=1#voicemailsettings to make sure forwarding is NOT on.

This should stop you from getting emails for every SMS that comes into Google Voice / Hangouts!

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