How do I start fresh with Hangouts for Chrome?

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asked Oct 18, 2016 in Hangouts Chrome App by ameilius (10,640 points)
I am having issues with Hangouts for Chrome.

The windows are appearing weird - I cant open unread messages - Things just dont seem right

Is there a way I can just start fresh?

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answered Oct 18, 2016 by ameilius (10,640 points)
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Hey there,

1. Go ahead and head over to your extensions page - chrome://extensions/ (paste this into your browser address bar and hit enter) - and completely remove Hangouts.
2. Close Chrome
3. Restart Chrome
4. Head over to and click on the left hand side for the menu.  Select the Chrome icon and re-install Hangouts fresh to see if this solves the issue,  (You can download the App from the left-hand menu if you don't wish to use the web client!)

It's very important to do ALL steps, even if they seem redundant ;)

Hope this helps!

commented Mar 7 by anonymous
Nailed it! This solved the same issue i was having.
commented Mar 14 by ameilius (10,640 points)
great to hear!
commented Jul 10 by ignatiusJ
Thanks for the solution but it doesn't fix/address my personal problem. I'm not using/haven't downloaded the Hangouts extension. I'm using the feature in my Gmail inbox. For kicks, I installed the Hangouts extension but it hasn't changed anything on Gmail.
commented Jul 11 by ameilius (10,640 points)
What is your personal problem?

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