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what do you mean more information I was messaging Kenneth perry this morning telling him my internet went out and I really missed him what more do you want

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how do I deleter alerts I created? Thanks
Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2018

Hello how do I delete new alerts I created earlier Thanks

Re: hangouts on my tablet keeps warningme it can't send SMS
Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2018

Hello M Csapek, Thanks for posting back. Please follow the steps below to check the version of Google Hangouts app: 1. Go to Google Hangouts app. 2. Click Menu. 3. Select Help & Feedback. 4. Click on the three dots on the right side. 5. Click on version info. Keep me posted. Regards, Benjamin

Verify number ( phone "un-verify" itself and not option given to verify again )
Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2018

Hi. My mobile phone from time to time seems to "un-verify" my number by itself ( not sure why or how ) I need to verify my number again - which I have been able to do in the past and get the code to verify the number again without any problems. But this time I no longer get this option when

Re: Contacts not displaying correctly
Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2018

Hello Parker, Thanks for posting back. I'm glad to hear that your issue got resolved. Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Benjamin

How can I use screenshare with Power Point 365?
Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2018

When using Hangouts on air, I'm trying to share my Power Point slide show. When I did this one month ago, I was able to do so. But now, after installing Office 365 on my computer, it seems I'm not able to share my Power Point slide show (in screenshare). When I try to, I do not share the

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