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Win 8, 64-bit, enterprise edition.

Google Hangouts started showing only a fraction of its own window. I can't minimize it or use it.

Screenshot: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-SF75O0QtDyM/VoFqEzVxaZI/AAAAAAAAYCA/Q7Dkz_Wu1sE/s1600/hangout.png

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1. Go ahead and head over to your extensions page - chrome://extensions/ - and completely remove Hangouts.
2. Close Chrome
3. Restart Chrome
4. Head over to http://hangouts.google.com and re-install Hangouts fresh to see if this solves the issue,  (You can download the App from the left-hand menu if you don't wish to use the web client!)

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Hi Katelyn, I don't know if you have seen this but... The info on this link has helped a great many people resolve their audio/visua problems. Troubleshoot audio/video issues with video calls I hope the above is helpful, Andy H If you are on Google plus I help in a community called User2User-LIVE!

i can't hear some of the other people
Posted on Thursday April 26, 2018

i can;t hear some of the people who call me.

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