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•    What is the pose that Luang Pu Toh is in?

LP Toh is in an lptohpidtalptohpidta 2521 'pose' is of a sitting position among Buddhist monks. An amulet with these sitting positions is very popular among them. The Phrapidtalptoh sitting position is of the monk sitting in full lotus position or half, with their hands covering their eyes and face. The very meaning of 'PhraPidta' in Thai is to close or cover eyes. PhraPidta is a representation of a venerable monk known for being deep in their samadhi meditation. There are very few types of PhraPidta amulets in Thai that show the person with four or six arms in this pose or completely covered with mantras. Check out this site https://thaiamulets888.com/lp-toh-wat-pradoochimplee/phra-pitda/ for more info.
Jun 30 by SuzanneWGonzales