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Hi teach in a Multimedia secondary school, using Classroom and Hangout Meet. I would like that the Google developers could allow 1080 full resolution to external webcams on the Chrome and or/ Safari app on mac. At the moment the maximum streaming resolution is 720. On Hangout Meet, at the moment, the maximum resolution of 1080 is only allowed sharing a page of Google chrome. But it is very complex to switch among different pages or webcam.

I try to use the Blackmagic Item mini (that works as an external webcam) to easily switch among different video/audio sources sharing different cameras (Gopro, Canon, tc...) and ABOVE ALL other laptop screens showing exercises on Adobe premiere, Photoshop, etc... or pdf that have to be read by students during my online lessons. At 720 resolution is very difficult for the students to read anything! Too much pixelate view.

Note that the Atem mini pro works perfectly well  at 1080 dpi resolution in streaming in Zoom, Youtube live etc...but not in Google Meet!!!

So unfortunately i have to give it back to the shop as it is completely unuseful at 720 dpi in Google Meet that is the platform that my school had chosen to do lesson online in this covid period.

Hope that the Google staff will solve the big issues quickly.

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Let's hope they get it figured out!