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i doubt he chating with her GF, so can i restore his chat? he use smart phone.

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You cannot restore conversations unless the other party in the conversation has history or logs

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Re: My hangout is not sign in (couldn't connect to the server) to say
Posted on Saturday November 17, 2018

my delete it and download it again?

How do I keep the hangouts desktop app always on top of other windows?
Posted on Saturday November 17, 2018

So i like to send my friends pictures and stuff but cant do it since everytime I press on the window, the hangouts app goes under the window, so i have to do the split screen thing which is rlly a hassle Thankyou!

I need to Flip horizontal the video stream? How?
Posted on Saturday November 17, 2018

Hello! We, with my wife are going to stream in Hangouts a workshops for knitting / crochet. When we make tests, the problem is that the picture is not showing correct - right hand is left and vice versa. It is important , because my wife holds a hook and yarn and it is necessarily her hands

Re: Camera stopped working with Hangouts in Chrome
Posted on Saturday November 17, 2018

This is still a problem, I had it yesterday. I guess I'll download another browser until this is fixed.

Limit Google Hangout to one-on-one ?
Posted on Saturday November 17, 2018

Hi Is there a way to set the Google Hangout to "busy! Try again later" of a number of participants is reached (ex: 1 for a one-on-one meeting) ? This sounds like a must option no ? Thanks Danny

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