How to choose the right sand making machine for different types of construction projects

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Sand making, sand and gravel sanding process is more common in a class of sand making equipment, according to its scope of application and investment costs, can be divided into fixed sand and mobile sand making machine two. Based on this, then how do different types of construction projects choose the right sand making machine?
Fixed sand making machine
The type of sand making machine is more suitable for some short-term sand processing, so in order to better achieve sand and gravel system of sand operation, but also need to take some auxiliary sand equipment, such as jaw crusher, Sand washing machine and so on. Often placed in some of the larger site, the material is more concentrated sand and gravel.
Mobile sand making machine
Mobile sand making machine, as the name suggests can be moved to move the sand machine, the advent of the machine can not only eliminate the broken origin, the environment to the user's production obstacles, but also to achieve the material on-site crushing operations, and with the raw material mining surface While moving, thus greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials into the investment, so it is used for the need to relocate the operation or the case of mobility of large crushing environment.
How to choose the right sand making machine for different types of construction projects
First of all, from the scope of application of two types of sand making machine, for the case of large liquidity crushing environment, such as quarry, urban construction waste disposal and other construction projects, it is recommended to use mobile sand making machine, the machine is not only flexible Convenient, highly mobile, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs, and the machine can also be on-site material broken, reducing the cost of transport of materials, so compared to the fixed sand machine, the machine's investment more province When the labor force is less than the mobile sand making machine.
Second, from the two types of sand production costs, the stand-alone purchase, choose to vote a fixed sand machine cost is certainly less than the mobile sand machine, after all, mobile sand machine is A multi-machine with the composition of the sand equipment, so in terms of price, it must be higher. But compared to the entire sand production line equipment investment, the election vote for a mobile sand making machine is still relatively favorable, so the user must vote in the election must be based on the actual needs of enterprises to buy, and strive to achieve low investment income.

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