Construction waste crusher production line

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SBM Construction waste crusher equipment for the creation of civilized city sound horn
The city is expanding, rural engage in the creation, everywhere are high-rise buildings, many people do not pay attention to the dirt behind the bustling, demolition of the construction waste where to go? SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of construction waste sorting processing equipment using advanced technology to solve the problem of standardization and disposal of construction waste, by reducing the amount of garbage disposal, reduce processing costs and reduce land consumption, do not take up space, do not pollute the soil , Can not only achieve the purpose of resource utilization, but also reduce the impact on the environment, the real turning waste into treasure, for the SBM Construction waste crusher machine, Construction waste crusher equipment, Construction waste crusher equipment, construction waste crusher, construction waste Production line, Construction waste crusher equipment in-depth environmental protection first line point praise.
SBM Construction waste crusher production lines include separation equipment, sorting equipment, crushing equipment, system induction equipment.
First, the separation of equipment is the garbage in the non-building materials that are: plastic nylon products, small pieces of wood chips, metal products and sand, brick and concrete blocks completely separated;
Followed by the separation of the equipment at the fence of the bricks of different sizes of brick tiles separately, in line with the standard gravel block directly with the conveyor belt into the silo, non-standard materials need to crush to the standard size crusher, and the original The separated materials are subjected to secondary grinding until the fineness of the finishes we meet is required to achieve a virtuous cycle of recycling of construction waste.
Construction waste crusher production line social benefits is greater than the economic benefits, is the benefit of future generations of major events, as long as the rational use of equipment, construction waste into waste is no longer myth.

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