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With the rapid development of the country, the city's various facilities in the project are in full swing, on the other hand, the environmental pollution is further exacerbated, the state continues to progress, of course, for the human living environment will be more attention , In many industries, the powder industry due to serious dust pollution is the most people can not stand, so the country strongly called a lot of manufacturers to suspend production for rectification and to develop high-performance pollution of small high-speed ultrafine mill, of course, the development of society is the need for all Industry support, the milling industry is the basic industry, is the support of many industries, for the industry to provide finished products.

Therefore, the development of the milling industry and reform and innovation requires common efforts Shanghai Shi Bang in order to respond to the call of the state, the first in the country to use their own experience over 20 years of production experience, independent research and development of a highly efficient ultrafine mill, compared with the traditional milling equipment, to a certain extent Production efficiency increased by nearly 30 percent, and equipped with a professional dust removal device, greatly reducing the pollution of dust, and at the same time as a result of foreign advanced technology, and has its own unique patent, on a certain basis To improve the design, more efficient, lower power consumption, covers an area of ​​smaller, Shanghai high-speed ultrafine mill industry representatives, is the most proud of the manufacturers in Shanghai, especially for pollution control, has been Reduced to the extreme.

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