How to maintain the trumpet of ultrafine milling machine

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After the Spring Festival, we all back to the post, began a new round of struggle. In the holiday during the rest of the ultrafine milling machine should also be re-put into production, and let it end up processing at the same time, give him a first maintenance it, let the body "blood" boiling up, Colliel to you Superfine grinding machine maintenance trilogy.
Part 1: change the change on the bar, the old do not go, the new does not come. New year we all like to wear new clothes, string relatives. ultrafine mill waiting for the call, in order to start the year after the smooth, please defective parts of the year in time to replace it. Because the weather during the holiday cold and cold, equipment in the open environment, the components will be greatly affected, such as rust, dry, off, loose and so on.
Part II: the protection of the good protection, do not wait to lose only to regret. ultrafine milling machine In addition to the sliding bearing with the spindle, the rest of the rotation part of the use of rolling bearings, which must be in good lubrication conditions. Refueling control in the class twice, the location of the cup in the top of the plum, can not find when you can consult after-sales. Spindle base bearings, fan bearings, roller shaft bearings, etc. every ten days with a butter gun filling 5 # calcium-based grease once. Analysis machine bearing to open every two months to clean once, plus 5 # calcium-based grease. To ensure that lubrication is an essential part of ultrafine mill machine, this step must be done.
Part III: ultrafine milling machine also need to "change clothes." The winter cold will break the paint cover on the surface of the equipment, so after the holidays, check again and fill the rusty position. If you have the conditions, you can try to put it from top to bottom. Paint, but it is time consuming and laborious, but the benefits are also great. Users need to "do what".

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