What is the failure of the accessories of the ultrafine milling machine?

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Ultrafine milling machine is composed of many components together, so ultrafine mill parts and components maintenance is particularly important, which is what we often say pull the body and move the body. The importance of the existence of parts, so that users of their regular daily maintenance is essential, Shanghai SBM to send you some warm tips:
First of all, according to the different models of ultrafine milling equipment, the working principle and structural characteristics to ensure that the equipment in the safe operation of a long time, the key is to adjust the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the grinding room, which is to ensure smooth production The key lies. The force of the component can reduce the pressure for the production. But a piece of accessories after the problem, how should the regulation?
Adjust the ultrafine milling machine equipment parts failure method is: whether it is not because of the gradual feeding of the feed port and the granary caused by the block; check whether the bearing overheating, whether due to the role of pressure and deformation; Whether the belt has been worn seriously, the phenomenon of loosening need to be replaced; in the grinding room struggling grinding wheel grinding mill is already a candle, need to retire; in the production of vibration, whether the ultrafine mill overall structure Unstable; and so some simple visible accessories problems are affected by the mill production.
Superfine grinding machine equipment maintenance focus is the replacement of wearing parts, spindle maintenance and so on. If it is a simple chores of the wear is not serious, then the plating layer can be, it will be ground into the required size. If the wear is very serious, is already dying state, and that the homes on the homes, the old do not take the new do not come

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