Working principle of ultrafine mill of large ore

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Ultra-fine grinding in the large-scale ultra-fine grinding mill is one of the most commonly used industrial field grinding equipment, many users do not understand their working principle, when the purchase is very blind, is a large ore ultrafine mill working principle for the majority of users do Simple interpretation, so that users refer to purchase.
Working principle of ultrafine mill of large ore
Large-scale ore ultra-fine grinding work, through the motor and reducer to the torque transmission to the size of the machine gear, so that the machine barrel rotation, due to the rotation of the cylinder and the cylinder liner together part of the steel ball to a certain height , The free fall movement to produce the impact of the impact of the material within the cylinder, the rest of the ball out of the movement of friction and material mixed with the cylinder with the rotation of the material and non-stop collision and grinding, the cylinder in the rotation In the process, the grinding body also has a slippery phenomenon, in the process of slipping to the material to the grinding effect, in order to effectively use the grinding effect of the material size of the general design of the general twenty times when the grinding body with a compartment plate Separated into two sections, that is, double warehouse, the material into the warehouse when the ball was broken, the material into the second warehouse when the steel section of the material for grinding, ultrafine mill qualified material from the discharge side of the hollow shaft discharge. Under the large ore with a large mine fine working principle, so that users more intuitive understanding.

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