The most advanced waste disposal equipment is 500 tons / day

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Garbage sorting, has always been the bottleneck of Construction waste crusher technology, whether it is incineration, landfill treatment process, or integrated treatment process, many failure cases are because the garbage sorting is not complete, resulting in the next process can not handle leaving the entire production line can not normal operation. City garbage "LJ" five processing technology - garbage sorting system, is the core of the technology, the system through the garbage evenly feeding, large-scale automatic refuse sorting system, large-size Construction waste crusher, bagged garbage automatically broken Bags, large pieces of organic matter automatic crushing system, fully mechanized wind pumping system, plastic water selection system, organic high temperature and high pressure hydrolysis of water heat oxidation "hot" system and other process, the municipal solid waste can be classified as: 1: inorganic (If supplemented by simple manual sorting, can also be divided into hard plastic, rubber, etc.); 5: thin film plastic class; 6: non-recyclable combustible class Ferromagnetic material
Above the garbage, sorting purity can reach more than 85%, thin film plastic sorting purity can reach more than 90% for the next step of the garbage disposal of the "resource, industrialization," laid a solid foundation.

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