Influencing factors of ultrafine grinding air pressure

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Superfine grinding In the process of grinding the material, there is a very important part of the material separation process, mainly after the material after grinding, by the wind to separate it, the size of the size of reasonable, it will become finished, unreasonable, then need Once again to crush, this process is to meet the quality requirements of ultrafine mill finished product important steps, the size of the wind is reasonable is very important, but sometimes the unreasonable wind pressure will affect the process, then what factors will affect Wind pressure?
Point, the thickness of the bottom of the ultrafine grinding material layer, in general, in the actual work process, there may be due to unreasonable factors such as feeding and change, no longer meet the mill for the thickness of the material needs, then This process will lead to changes in production conditions, and thus can not meet the needs of production, once the material layer thickness is unreasonable, will cause changes in wind pressure, making the separation of materials in the production can not be normal, and ultimately affect the super Fine milling equipment finished product quality;
The second point, the mill speed, in general, in the actual production process, before the official production, the need for all aspects of the parameters to adjust the speed is also an aspect of adjustment, if the adjustment is unreasonable, there will be for other Parameters of the impact, such as the size of the wind pressure changes, this time will certainly affect the production of ultrafine mill finished product quality;
The third point, the analysis machine speed and blade angle, which is a factor that will affect the size of the wind pressure, because this factor will analyze the size of the material particles important accessories, if it is a problem, it will directly affect the wind size for Material judgments, which will affect the production process;

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