Policy support makes construction waste more promising

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In the increasingly prosperous economy now, with the ever-increasing infrastructure and the growth of the huge number of construction waste, magnificent, spectacular, beautiful modern building to replace the old building behind the city is the accumulation of mountain construction waste The
With the continuous progress of science and technology, people gradually found that construction waste is not useless, and its resource-based rate is very high, after a certain technical treatment can be achieved after the recycling of resources, and now China's construction waste crusher technology has been very mature , Can be large-scale use.
After treatment of construction waste is very extensive, after the construction of garbage broken through the vibration screening, you can get different types, different sizes of recycled aggregate, these materials can be processed in line with the national standard bricks of various renewable green brick, such as lawn Brick, blind brick, square brick and other municipal brick and hollow brick and other green brick.
The recycling of construction waste not only saves production costs and energy consumption, saves valuable land resources, protects our fragile natural environment, coincides with the national strategic goal of building a sustainable economic development, Policy support, development prospects are very broad.

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