Gold ore crusher line

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Gold ore crusher line process is: large raw materials from the hopper through the feeder to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and then the material conveyor belt conveyor to the cone crusher for two crushing. The crushed gold ore material will be transferred to the vibrating screen for sieving. The size of the final product can be combined and graded according to the customer's needs.
gold ore crusher can also be used for limestone, quartz, calcite, gypsum, dolomite, coal, slag, iron ore, gold and other materials processing.
Gold ore crushing line equipment selection
In the process of metal mineral processing, the task of crushing operation to follow the "more crusher less" principle, for the grinding operations to provide the appropriate ore size, or directly for the sorting, smelting, construction and other appropriate use of particle size. Crusher in the mineral processing equipment in the most located position, its performance determines the production capacity. In the specific crushing process, according to the customer's different requirements of the crushing ratio, the corresponding crushing operations. Depending on the nature of the ore and the performance of the gold ore crusher, the total crushing ratio can be divided into two or three sections.
Gold ore crusher line production program
Choose the production plan that suits your needs:
The physical properties of ore: mainly the hardness of the ore, loose density, mud content, water content and so on.
Ore grade: refers to the unit volume or unit weight of ore in the useful components or useful mineral content. (Such as iron, copper, lead, zinc and other minerals), some with grams / ton said (such as gold, silver and other mines), mineral grade is a measure of the economic value of the main indicators of the deposit.
Production capacity: This mainly refers to the production capacity of the concentrator (or crusher sieve plant) calculated by the original ore.
Particle size: the size of the ore particle size (the size of the mine, mining methods and scraping equipment); ore maximum particle size and the final product requirements of the maximum particle size (to determine the number of crusher pieces); fragmentation and product size characteristics (to determine the crusher equipment).
The choice of crusher: crusher type more, in the choice must consult the mine experts, or those who sell mine equipment sales staff to understand the situation.

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