Raymond grinding equipment quality is more important than the price

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asked Aug 21 in Hangouts Chrome App by crushermachine169 (720 points)

Raymond mill equipment quality is more important than the price, equipment quality and price I am afraid that customers have been most concerned about the issue, but some people think about such a problem? What is the quality and price in the end? Here are the general Xiaobian to explain their views and opinions.
Milling equipment is important to the quality or price? Inexpensive is the highest standard for the pursuit of each consumer, but this standard seems difficult to achieve, for some customers concerned about the price, do not care about the quality of equipment, can pay attention to use, and some people pay more attention to quality, do not care The price of the level, no matter which of the above is not entirely correct, there is a certain degree of deviation and extreme, quality and price are relatively speaking, between the two to achieve a balance is the best result, so GM Xiaobian That the price and quality are very important, will be about the level of words, Xiao Bian that quality is more important than the price point.
Why is the quality of Raymond milling equipment more important than the price? Give you a little story: for example, you buy a mobile phone, there are two different price of the phone to choose from, a low price less, can only meet the most basic needs, a slightly more expensive, but the performance , The quality of the equipment is much higher than the former; if the purchase of a temporary save some of the funds, the former may face mobile phone failure, renewal and some other issues, and choose the latter to pay the corresponding cash, enough to use a year or two Replacement. This situation we have deep experience in life, many people choose different, the results of natural returns are different. So from the purchase of mobile phones can be seen that the quality of some more important than the price.

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