Basalt making sand selection VSI sand making machine how?

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Basalt, used in the manufacture of artificial sand is more commonly used in a class of ore raw materials. Because of its cheap and easy to get, so in the moment the natural gravel gradually depleted today, the production of basalt sand production is imperative. So what is the problem with basalt selection of VSI sand making machine? The details are as follows:
Introduction to VSI Sand Making Machine
VSI sand making machine, a new type of high efficiency artificial machine sand making equipment, because of its outstanding sand making effect, gravel finished grain shape is better, completely replace artificial sand for the current construction of sand production process, so in the The current highway, railways and municipal and other sand industry with considerable influence.
Basalt making sand selection VSI sand making machine how?
1, finished grain excellent: the VSI sand making machine after the treatment of basalt gravel finished cube, gradation reasonable, fineness modulus adjustable;
2, processing capacity: with the same power under the traditional sand equipment, compared to the new VSI sand machine production increased by at least about 30%, and stable;
3, easy maintenance: the new VSI sand machine special use of hydraulic cover device, so that broken parts of the internal parts repair more convenient and quick, in addition, the aircraft in its side door also opened the observation mouth, so more conducive to the equipment Post-maintenance
4, the scope of application: In addition to meet the production of fixed sand, for some small venues or sand production environment is more complex basalt sand production site, VSI sand machine also supports vehicle use, so the scope of the equipment is still relatively wide The

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