What are the changes brought by ultrafine grinding coal mill?

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Since 70s and 80s, I have been a big coal producer and one of the largest coal producers. Therefore, coal mining and processing has not stopped. However, for a long time, because of the backwardness of mining technology and ideas, and the immaturity of the equipment, coal mining and coal processing to the use of comparison have caused great waste of resources. In recent years, the coal resources are less and less, and the quality coal seams are decreasing constantly. Therefore, it is of great importance to make rational and full use of the existing coal resources.

Then the concept of change, new technology training is also very easy to have, but in terms of equipment, we can go a long way, including coal mining equipment, coal processing equipment, has been to use coal equipment and so on, experience a lot of renewal. Let's discuss the coal mill equipment, superfine grinding mill, which appears as a coal processing equipment. Ultrafine mill is a kind of non metal material milling equipment, which can be applied to all walks of life, and our life, such as the cosmetics industry, known as the chemical industry and so on, can mill material ceramic soil, gypsum powder, coal kaolin and hundreds of materials.

Because of the coal mill is a kind of micro operation are very common, so the sebang team combined with the actual production of coal processing, the ultra-fine grinding mill equipment specialized into coal processing equipment, to make it more efficient and stable professional. Next, we use ultra-fine grinding coal grinding as an example to introduce its actual benefits for coal flour milling, but also for coal milling brought about what changes?.
First we need to understand the situation of raw materials and milling equipment, here is a selection of raw materials for the ultrafine grinding for coal. The finished product has a grain size of 200 meshes with an output of 5-12 tons per hour. The ultrafine grinding mill used is T130X. User feedback: T130X series of ultra-fine grinding with 5 long separator equipment, raw coal production and processing 3 grinding rollers, the production site has been put into use in our factory for two years, stable operation, the effect is very good. T130X grinding, a very high degree of automation, only need to adjust the hydraulic device of mill grinding roller and the pressure can reach the coal product size adjustment is very convenient, it is really a great leap on the progress of grinding technology.

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