Production and price details of 50 tons of granite sand production line

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Production of 50 tons of granite sand production line configuration list
Under normal circumstances, a complete granite sand production line will contain granite Sand Making Machine, in addition, will also choose some auxiliary equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher and feeder, conveyor, etc., for The efficient operation of auxiliary sand making line. But to meet the different needs of customers processing, can be equipped with cone crusher, dust removal equipment. In addition, it can also be based on different process requirements, various models of sand making equipment under the combination, in order to meet the different requirements of customers.
Granite Sand Making Line Sand Making Process
Sand production line on the material processing, divided into jaw crusher crushing, impact crusher or cone crusher in the crushing, Sand Making Machine sand shaping three stages. Specific production process: the material from the vibrating feeder evenly sent to the jaw crusher for rough broken, rough after the material from the tape conveyor into the impact crusher or cone crusher for the two crushed, crushed material Is transported to the sanding machine for sand shaping, and then round sieve shade to achieve the finished product size requirements of the material was sent to the sand washing machine cleaning, cleaning the finished product after the conveyor belt is finished.

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