five unique characteristics of sand making machine

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The new type sand making machine is the equipment for fine sand mill, which has a widely used. The new sand making machine especially suitable for making abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, grit and other hard brittle material crushing and grinding, is an efficient, gravel sand making equipment energy saving, save more energy than conventional crushing machine 50%, is currently on the market the most widely used equipment。

1.Easy to operate, easy to operate - equipment light weight, installation and diverse, mobile installation; installation, maintenance and maintenance is simple, easy to use; once the specific use, VSI sanding machine only need to be fine-tuned, To play its superior performance.

2. A multi-purpose machine, the use of flexible - unique feeding broken structure, with a variety of broken cavity type, can be very convenient to achieve "stone stone" and "stone blacksmith" conversion, thus solving a machine multi-purpose problem. If you need to change the application of VSI sand making machine, without major adjustments, can meet the different needs of users: sand, plastic, abrasive materials.

3. The international quality assurance - the latest technology and technology abroad, the application of advanced riveting technology and the appearance of automotive technology  and the application of painting process, greatly improving the quality of the equipment and the appearance of quality. The core components are selected internationally renowned brands (bearings with high precision grade rolling bearings), to ensure that the system low failure rate.

4. Pay attention to environmental protection - equipment work noise, no pollution. Unique air from the circulatory system, greatly reducing the external air volume, reduce dust, environmentally friendly. In addition VSI crusher is reserved and suitable for installation of a variety of dust removal equipment.

5.The hydraulic device is easy to maintain the hydraulic cap opening device, so that the broken inner parts can be easily replaced and disassembled, and the downtime is shortened, and the time and effort are saved.

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