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Double inlet and double is an important equipment in coal-fired units of thermal ore milling equipment. The safety and stability of operation are directly related to the whole work of the whole thermal power unit. Therefore, Must be carried out quality testing, which should be verified during the trial operation of the load, double into the double out of the coal mill function to achieve 'trial delivery of the tile' quality.

Double into the double out of the mill's 'trial delivery of the tile' refers to the thermal ore milling equipment of the Ukrainian bearing in more than 60 ℃ high temperature work to maintain a stable state, not because the bearing temperature and export lubricants temperature fast High temperature and lead to vibration at the bearing seat and then melt, then double into the double mill operation of the 'tile' phenomenon.

Only double into the double out of the coal mill 'trial delivery of the tile' in order to allow the entire thermal power unit safe operation In addition, low-speed coal mill in the course of work, the fine grinding of coal powder is also related to the ore milling equipment power combustion The quality of the. Generally after the low-speed coal mill to complete the pulverized coal mill, the use of hot air in the drum drying of coal, after the separation of the separator into the burner for combustion and heating. Because the structure of low-speed coal mill is very large, grinding the type of coal, so it is also widely used in thermal ore milling equipment power generation.

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