Construction waste crusher handling equipment is a new era of the combination

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Construction waste crusher handling equipment:
This series of products are mainly low cost of operation, safe and reliable work, more uniform grain size, easy repair and other characteristics, it is more in refractory materials, ceramics, smelting, mining, building materials, glass and other industries, In the material crushing of the compressive strength of less than 250Mpa use.
Construction waste crusher working principle: Construction Waste Crusher equipment [E-type mobile crushing station]
The construction waste crusher is driven by the electric motor as the main driving force, and the eccentric shaft is driven by the sheave and the V-belt through the motor pulley, so that the material entering the crushing chamber is crushed and processed through the row The material is discharged from the finished product.
Construction waste crusher is divided into conveyor belt, crusher (rack part, reset the spring, flywheel, large pulley, fixed jaw and activities of the E plate, moving part, side guards, brackets and adjustment parts), dust removal system , Lubricating parts and so on.

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