The new classification crusher

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A crushing apparatus for energy efficient occurred in twentieth Century 80 time later period, called construction waste crusher, just as its name implies is to crush large materials at the same time, for less than the discharge opening material without broken but with the roller rotates to discharge, to a certain extent, that has a dual role, in fact, it is a kind of with double gear, crushing machine and using the new crushing mechanism manufacture, is a crusher has good market foreground. 
After the crushing machine available has caused a great sensation, all parts of the country began to rise production construction waste crusher, crushing roller basically are used in gear shape structure of small roll diameter, shape of cross arrangement of teeth, broken selectively to the material, and the finished products particle type uniform, set all the advantages in one, so customers are willing to choose construction waste crusher crushing equipment as part of their production lines, in many companies, the crusher production specifications are not the same, after feedback customer verification and the market was informed, Shanghai Zenith construction waste crusher is popular, and the construction waste crusher price advantage is obvious, and has low energy consumption, high production efficiency, body lighter and automation device has the advantages of simple operation and easy to understand and other advantages, has become the industry a much told story.

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