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I have been using hangouts to make calls for a year. Today for the first time the call i made showed up in my cell phone call log with the persons name and hangouts audio underneath. Will this also show on my cell phone bill?

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Hey there,

Hangouts recently integrated CallKit into the app - Calls made through Hangouts are data based, so they wont show up on your bill as normal calls

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Hi :) of course Word Doc still exist. In that case you are handling documents... But lets say a 6 month of hangouts conversation with daily contact, that a lot of copy & paste... Wouldn't be easier and reasonablebe to be able to forwarding whole conversatons? I did it in the past but now I'm

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These two brother are scammer, they own me 7 thousand. They use different names this one has 3 names, Paul Man, James Logan, and he’s brother name is Bright. They need to be remove from.( hangouts, WhatsApp,Facebook) they do sex act too. Please help me am a Senior 69 year old. Am tried of

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please what can i do to for my hangout to be unblock

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Re: Hangouts Notifications gone after new Gmail update
Posted on Friday October 19, 2018

The notification that is missing is a red dot on the Gmail tab in Chrome when I have a pending message. Previously (before the Gmail update), there would be a red dot which would let me know I missed a message. I hear the sound notification so that's not an issue.

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