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I use hangouts a lot and there is this situation where I can't send messages to one specific person while I can send it to others fine. It says failed to send - touch to retry and even if I retry it doesn't send. This has also happened before and fixed in a day on its own, but I need to use it now so how do I fix it, can anyone help?

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Are you sure you are not blocked?
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Yes I know and xhecked with the person I am not blocked, but it is working now after the person messaged me this morning, but why is this happening?
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It was working fine all morning and now it doesn't work again anymore... After 4:00 pm
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are you by chance sending an excessive amount of messages?
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All at once or what do you mean
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Same happened to me

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When I go to the link that you provided, I get a notification that my connection is not private. All other users at the office are having the same problem. We only have one internet connection here.

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Hi Tony, You're welcome. Also, submit feedback to Google about how there is no can't send invite option for email/phone: Video Call In a Google Hangouts video call on the web, click the icon you see: Help [image: Help] or More [image: More] > Send feedback / Feedback. Homescreen In Google

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Hello Avi, Thanks for posting back. Please let me know, do you face this issue when making Hangouts to Hangouts calls? Also, the steps below in a sequence to check if that helps: 1. Sign Out of Hangouts. 2. Go to Settings on the mobile device > Select Apps > Swipe to All > Select Hangouts >

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