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asked in Hangouts iOS App by anonymous
I use hangouts a lot and there is this situation where I can't send messages to one specific person while I can send it to others fine. It says failed to send - touch to retry and even if I retry it doesn't send. This has also happened before and fixed in a day on its own, but I need to use it now so how do I fix it, can anyone help?

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Are you sure you are not blocked?
commented by anonymous
Yes I know and xhecked with the person I am not blocked, but it is working now after the person messaged me this morning, but why is this happening?
commented by anonymous
It was working fine all morning and now it doesn't work again anymore... After 4:00 pm
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are you by chance sending an excessive amount of messages?
commented by anonymous
All at once or what do you mean
commented by anonymous
Same happened to me

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