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asked in Hangouts iOS App by Carol B
I have been using hangouts to make calls for a year. Today for the first time the call i made showed up in my cell phone call log with the persons name and hangouts audio underneath. Will this also show on my cell phone bill?

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Hey there,

Hangouts recently integrated CallKit into the app - Calls made through Hangouts are data based, so they wont show up on your bill as normal calls

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Hello there, Thanks for posting back. Please check if you're able to make or receive calls using Hangouts on Gmail. Also, try the steps below to check if that resolves the issue: 1. Sign out of all the Google Accounts, restart the system. 2. Try Incognito/private window to check if you're able

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Hello Deborah, Thanks for posting in the Google Hangouts Help Forum. I realize you are facing an issue wherein the transparent UI feature of the Hangouts Chrome extension is not working. I'd suggest following the below mentioned steps in sequence to help resolve the issue: 1. Ensure that the

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Someone cannot see my messages
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I got signed out of Google and then when I log back in, my friend cannot see any of the messages I'm sending. I can still get messages from him, and other inbox messages and stuff like that, but any email or hangouts message I send he isn't able to see it. He also did not block me.

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