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I have google nexus 5(LG) with hangouts as default sms app.

After latest update I'm unable to mark sms as read without internet. After reading it - sms stays bold until you reread it with internet.

I can't use inet every day, and its very anoying to see tons of sms as bold(unread) however those already read.

How to make them read immediately after reading(opening) without internet?


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Hey there,

I would try to clear the app's cache.  Go to your phones settings --> apps --> locate Hangouts --> clear cache/data.  Then try and relaunch the app as normal.

If that's a no-go, I would uninstall the app completely from the Play Store, restart the phone entirely, then reinstall the app and try to open at that point.

Report back if you have no luck!

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Hey stsyk3s, Thanks for the info. Just for clarification, is she having trouble logging in using both the Windows computer and the iPhone 5s? It shouldn't be necessarily to use Family Link for this. Let us know.

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Posted on Wednesday August 22, 2018

Hello h2ogurlie, I created a gmail.com account for her.

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This is not a solution. This is a test procedure to see if it will fail here also. I am not interested in testing things. Google has had enough time to test this problem. Google has had enough time to fix this problem. Google made 110 billion dollars last year. Asking me to debug for them/you is

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