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Is there a way for me to leave feedback to the developers and designers for Google Hangouts?
commented by Karpaga
I am not being notified when I receive a message or a call. I have missed many calls due to this situation. Please help me.

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Hey there,

Google does read feedback!  By all means, submit your feedback on any Google product.

For Hangouts, head to https://hangouts.google.com/ and on the left-hand side, select the 3 dots --> Help & Feedback --> Submit Feedback!

Also, in any app there is a feedback option as well!

Hope this helps
commented by anonymous
Difficult to select the 3 dots and click Help& Feedback when the app is frozen.
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On which OS? Apple? PC? Android?
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answered by Pawel
I have H.264 WebCam (LG-VC300-webcam) it worked with Skype on LG TV, but the Skype was abandoned on SmartTV. We Bought the Android TV (Sony), but I cant install on TV the Hangouts - I want use the LG Cam with Hangouts on my new TV, but I cant ...
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There is no Android TV Hangouts app.... you could maybe get around that by casting your screen to the tv from a pc or phone?  You can use https://hangouts.google.com and cast that as well

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